Research Projects

The IMBEAC serves as a meeting point for researchers that study the Cantabric’s Archaeology and History. It develops several research projects, self-funded using the donations that this institution receives. For the IMBEAC, good ideas are essential, because they allow to widen scientific knowledge. We believe that big egos bring little results, and consider that the project and the achievement of results are more important that individual promotion. The institution is a mere platform to obtain and spread knowledge.

The results of each one of IMBEAC’s projects and of those supported by it, are public and shared as soon as possible through the media. The IMBEAC believes in democracy and in everyone’s right to obtain knowledge and the best training possible.

The following are the projects that the IMBEAC currently manages:

  • Monte Bernorio in its Environment
  • Women at Monte Bernorio. The Iron Age woman at the Cantabric Area.
  • Territory and Communication Routes of the North of the Iberian Peninsula during Iron Age.