About us

Welcome to the official website of the Monte Bernorio Institute of Ancient Studies of the Cantabric (IMBEAC). The institute was founded in 2009 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to Scientific Research. The aims of said institution are the promotion, development and diffusion of scientific, historical and archaeological research regarding Prehistory, Antiquity and Medieval Age in the Archaeological area of Monte Bernorio. As an extension, the research also covers the whole northern area of Spain, specifically the geographical area of the Cantabric.

 With that purpose, IMBEAC wants to support and promote any initiative that implies the development of scientific knowledge in this area, as well as its public spreading, so it can reach as many people as possible. Furthermore, we develop initiatives to raise awareness of the Cantabric’s Cultural, Historical and Environmental Heritage.

 In this webpage you will be able to find information about our research projects, researchers, publications, meetings, formative training and many other topics of general interest.